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  • kitchens Easy Kitchen Upgrades For Holiday Entertaining

    With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning how you’ll entertain your guests. There are some easy upgrades you can do to help make the holiday season a happy one, and it all starts in the kitchen.


    Pot filler: If you’re getting ready to boil water at the stovetop, you know the challenge of carrying the wet stuff from the sink to the stove. Since a gallon of water weighs nearly 8 ½ pounds, that’s a lot of stress on your back, shoulders, and arms.


    A pot filler mounts to the countertop or wall near the stove, so when you need to fill a pot with fresh water, simply swing the spout over the pot and turn on the water. When you’re done, the spout swings back out of the way.


    Bar sink and faucet: Also called a prep sink and faucet, these are fabulous fixtures if your kitchen has the room. They’re both smaller than your main kitchen sink and faucet, but they can still do what you need them to do.


    Need another sink to wash vegetables or fruit? How about filling that empty water pitcher right before dinner? And when you’re ready to brew some coffee after dinner, a prep sink and faucet won’t interrupt the clean up process at the main sink.


    Hot water dispenser: How long would you wait for hot water in your kitchen if you didn’t need to at all? A hot water dispenser gets you hot water in an instant and is ideal for a quick cup of tea or mixing up a bowl of oatmeal for those hungry kids in the morning.


    Dishwasher: The good part about guests at your home for dinner? So many of your favorite people in one place. The bad part? The after-dinner mess. To avoid toiling in the kitchen longer than you have to, a dishwasher can quickly become the host’s most valuable fixture.


    Trash compactor: Even with recycling and composting, we produce a startling amount of trash during our holiday get-togethers. Trash compactors allow you to maximize the space in your trashcans. With large capacities and powerful motors, these fixtures include cutting-edge features and stealthy good looks.


    Making easy work in the kitchen will not only simplify the meal prep and cleanup processes, but it can also open up time to visit with your guests. And that’s what the holidays are about, isn’t it?


    Until next time, Happy Home Improving!


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